Russia accuses 12 officials of sending 600 people to war “wrongly” – observer

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Russia has said it has indicted 12 officials who “misled” about 600 people into the war in Ukraine.

The news was published by the Russian state news agency on Tuesday. TossIt quotes a Russian lawyer.

About 600 people from the western military region have been mistakenly involved in military operations In Ukraine and all returned to Russia as soon as possible. The 12 officers responsible for sending them abroad were reprimanded, ”the Dass News reported.

According to the agency, the Russian president refused to use recruitment in Ukraine, but in March Reports were released about the “presence of recruits in the military.” In military special operations ”. The Russian president “ordered that all cases be sent to the military prosecutor’s office to punish those responsible.”

According to El Pice, a father Russian recruitment The man on board the Moscow warship and died in April was one of the inventors of sending troops to Ukraine.

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After the death of Yegor Schreibert aboard a Moscow ship, his father, Dmitry Schreibert, sought to locate his son.. Although Dmitry did not criticize the Russian invasion of Ukraine, his father sought to assert his responsibilities, “including the high command of the Black Sea Navy.”

The ship on which YD Shkrebets worked did not enter Ukrainian waters or be included in the list of military units and organizations involved in special military operations, “Russian officials told Dmitry in early May.” During the emergency that led to his shipwreck on April 13, 2022, [Yegor] It disappeared. Search failed and your son’s location is unknown.

Egor’s father said he wanted to “fight the wall of peace in the armed forces”, however, and differed between the higher command and the interim ranks.

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