Exhausted Russian soldiers complain about the situation in the eastern front of Ukraine – Spectator

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The lack of conditions in the front has prompted some Russian soldiers in eastern Ukraine to launch a public appeal on social media.

According to The Guardian, two Russian players in Donetsk have complained in a video posted online about fatigue caused by long shifts and material shortages. “Our people are hungry and cold. For a significant period of time, we had no material, no medicine, no food, ”said militants who are part of the 113th Regiment in Donetsk.

“Many of the issues raised are being overlooked by superiors in the barracks because of our continued presence and the presence of people with chronic medical and mental health problems in our staff,” they added.

A soldier who had fought in Kharkiv, and is now in the eastern part of the country, told a British newspaper that he had contacted a lawyer due to bad conditions in the front. “I’m been fighting in Ukraine for more than three months, since the beginning of the war. I’m tired. My faction wants a break, but our leaders say they can not change us.”

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These reports confirm the intelligence services of countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States of America, and international news agencies and newspapers reporting fatigue and instability among Russian troops.

According to The Guardian, the death toll among Russian soldiers is rising. The latest figures from the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs indicate that about 31,360 Russian soldiers have died since the beginning of the invasion on February 24.

According to experts in Russian strategy, the invading army is well-suited for short, high-intensity campaigns that require the use of heavy artillery, but are poorly designed for long-term operations such as the occupation of Ukraine, including the deployment of many. Forces in the area.

“When significant combat forces are involved in the war, the Russian military does not have the required number to adjust or rotate its forces.” Said Michael Kaufman and Rob Lee, Analytical speech on Russian military capabilities.

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