Without “regret”, Merkel says she already knows that Putin “wants to destroy Europe.”

Former German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who has been critical of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine since its proximity to Moscow, vowed not to blame her this Tuesday, but insisted that Putin already knew at the time that he “wanted to destroy Europe”. .

In his first public appearance after leaving office six months ago, the former ruler explained, for example, in the summer of 2021, European efforts to bring Russian President Vladimir Putin back to the negotiating table have failed.

However, looking back, Angela Merkel Indicates a certain “peace” in knowing that he did what he could to avoid the current situation And he has full confidence in the management of his successor, Olaf Scholz.

He accused Merkel of being naive to believe that Russia could be transformed by trade relations with Western countries. Never “illusions”, but could not function Neighboring “does not exist”. This was emphasized by the former president during a lecture hosted by Editor-in-Chief in Berlin. I already know that Putin “wants to destroy Europe.”But before it enters into open conflict “Everything should be tried diplomatically”.

Merkel summed up her policy towards the Kremlin (Russian presidency) with an attempt to find a ‘modus vivendi’. [modo de viver] Where Not if you were involved in a war and tried to live together despite the differences“. To the former head of the German government, The He was “annoyed” by US restrictions on the construction of the North Stream 2 pipeline, Consider it “something done for a country like Iran, but not with an ally.” However, He praised President Joe Biden’s initiative to bury the issue in 2021.

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Angela Merkel also supported the end of the 2008 Bucharest Summit Do not give to Ukraine Candidate country status for NATO member, It was not a “democratically determined” country at the time and was “dominated by factions”. In Putin’s view, he added. It would have been a “declaration of war” in which he would have reacted, causing great damage to Kiev. In accordance with its policy of attempting to return to the West in the countries surrounding Russia.

Christian Democrat recalls his face-to-face meeting with Putin, and at a meeting in Sochi in 2007, According to him, the Russian head of state assured him that the fall of the Soviet Union was the worst event of the 20th century. Born in East Germany, it was “luck” that gave her “freedom”.

“It simply came to our notice then that there were major differences of opinion. In all these years the Cold War could not be ended“, He fired.

To Merkel, The Kremlin made a “catastrophic mistake” with the invasion of Ukraine, “A brutal attack which violates international law and for no reason”. He asked Do not briefly condemn Russian cultureBut each work or artist must be determined individually, because not all of them agree with Putin.

About her personal life, after 16 years in power, Angela Merkel continued it Prolonged stay in government would have been an “allocation” And it left a “beautiful feeling” of her own free will.

Despite dedicating the last few months to exercising and reading “fat books,” the former president agreed. His reform was expected to be “different” and not marked by the “scar” of war.

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