Switzerland celebrates first same-sex marriage – News

During the day, AFP witnessed the first same-sex weddings in Geneva, in a 19th-century living room with classical music playing in the background.

Since 2004, two people of the same sex can apply for the “registered partnership” formula, which has given them legal recognition and equal rights in various respects with opposite-sex spouses.

Following a national referendum held in September last year, 64% of voters supported the measure, legalizing “marriage for all”.

From now on, same-sex couples can choose a common surname, be protected in the event of a tenancy termination, receive a share of their spouse’s inheritance or retirement pension.

Since 2018, same-sex couples already have the right to adopt their partner’s child.

If one of the partners is a foreigner, they can benefit from an easy, short and low-cost naturalization procedure.

Among the elements that same-sex couples recognize as most important are access to sperm donation in the country, as well as the fact that both women can be recognized as mothers from the moment the child is born.

However, Swiss law prohibits anonymous donation, so the child can learn the identity of the donor at age 18.

However, surrogacy or egg donation is prohibited.

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