Anti-war beer: Putin Que O Parieu has already sold the first 1,000 bottles – and 900 more are coming in support of Ukraine

This is yet another attempt to support the Ukrainian people who have seen a fierce war on their territory waged by Russia since February 24. Putin Que Au Parieu beer, launched June 3 at the Hoban Prague Beer Festival, is another way to raise awareness of this “21st-century Paleolithic conflict,” read the brand’s website. Proceeds from the sale will go to a yet-to-be-determined organization to support Ukraine.

The idea brought together Out of the Bottle, an advertising agency specializing in creating brands and packaging for the beverage industry – Cerveja Letra – a “Minhota artisanal beer” created in Vila Verde, a suburb of Prague. AGENCY AUDIOVISUALS CREATIVE LEMONS AND STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT COMPANY Mr Luis Pedro.

“The first 1000 bottles have all been sold and soon we will sell another 900 units,” Luis Pedro, who reports on the project, told Expresso Luis Pedro.

They feel that the promoters of this initiative justify it”Sitting comfortably on the sofa and watching a war on television, watching a country being destroyed and genocide taking place, is the ultimate act of cowardice. Hence the conclusion Create a product that puts an end to this conflict. “All were moved by the single desire that the matter should not be allowed to sleep, to be another drop in the ocean, just one voice!”

Setting up the program isn’t easy, and some approaches aren’t even well-received. “The project was not politically correct and we had to deal with many negative responses, until finally a working group was formed, in a real fight against time”, explains Luis Pedro.

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Using the concept of Putin Q O Bari as “beer that turns words into weapons”, the brand’s communication refers to the Molotov cocktail, a craft and homemade weapon. “The aim is that every bottle of Putin’s Let the Birth of You helps make noise and give voice to the drama that Ukraine is experiencing. Ukrainians also deserve to drink beer in peace.

Despite initial difficulties, it was soon realized that the idea was going to be well received. At its launch in Prague in early June, “you could see the reaction of the people was great,” focused beer before “an attentive audience,” “applause, questions, greetings… and, within 10 minutes of our presentation, the beer was sold out. We have always been clear that it is not against, not against any people…only for peace.

Luis Pedro “even reports the case of an elderly couple who let themselves to the end, very discreet and shy. When the audience had all dispersed, they approached me. They wanted to know more about the project. Photographed him. Bought. From their accent, I could tell that they were not Portuguese. Realized. They introduced themselves as Russian citizens living in Prague. Beer can be bought in physical spaces of Cerveja Letra – ‘letrarias’ – in Braga, Porto, Vila Verde and Ponte de Lima and can be ordered online. www.putinqueopariu.comGuarantee its advertisers to any point on the planet.

80 percent profit

Each bottle sells for 3.5 euros and makes a profit of 80 cents, which goes entirely to this cause, according to Cerveja Letra. If the purchase is made in packages of 6 or 12 bottles, there is a discount – each method costs 20 euros and 40 euros, respectively. The solicitors promise to deliver within 72 hours.

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This beer belongs to the category “American India Pale Ale” with an alcohol content of 6.5% and its creators Explain that”Combines the sweetness of malt with the bitterness of American CASCADE, CITRA and MOSAIC hops. It’s not an exclusive recipe – it’s just one of the beers Letra has for sale, and this resemblance is now given a label.

“We will not be the first solidarity project to cause damage, so everything is done with caution and with the support of a digital marketing strategy,” says Luis Petro, adding that the money still has a way to reach the Ukrainian people. is discussed. “We are not in touch with anyone. We are tired of watching the war news like a reality show… sitting comfortably on the sofa in our safe houses. A small Ukrainian flag on our social media profiles is not enough.

Promoters clarifying that “this project does not want to finance war but peace” and “make money from war”, “After setting up a working group, we allowed the project to be implemented, bottling the product (in analogue and digital format) without completing the process of identifying the company to which we would give the profits of the project. , labeling and went quickly to start. For this reason the label does not mention the names. At the moment there are connections with some companies that support Ukraine, which can join the initiative and get profit from the sale of bottles.

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