War in Ukraine: Russia has used 210 types of prohibited weapons

Russia has used 210 types of weapons banned in Ukraine by international agreements, most of which are cluster munitions that could pose a serious threat to civilian lives decades after the end of the war, The New newspaper reported Monday. York Times.

To this end, the American newspaper examined more than 1,000 photographs taken by its own photojournalists and photographers in Ukraine, as well as visual evidence submitted by the Ukrainian government and military.

The diary categorizes as “Surprisingly Barbaric and Ancient War” The Moscow attack, which hit a number of Ukrainian cities and towns with a barrage of missiles and other weapons, many of which may be considered monuments to the Cold War, and Many of them are heavily banned by international treaties.

The attacks were repeated using a wide range of weapons Kill, mutilate and destroy indiscriminatelyThe newspaper says this indicates a possible violation of international humanitarian law.

The attacks killed and injured civilians, including children, and destroyed vital infrastructure such as schools and homes.

The US newspaper also claims that Russia uses these types of weapons Not defined or irregular. In fact, the beginning of the invasion on February 24 was the backbone of the country’s war strategy.

Some weapons have been identified May have been shot by Ukrainian forces in an attempt to defend themselves from invasionBut the sources point out that it is being used extensively by Russian forces.

Most of the weapons identified by the diary are unmanned ammunition, which are inaccurate and can be used in large numbers to destroy a target.

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Both factors increased the likelihood of missiles and missiles falling on civilian areas, Daily Notes.

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