Hungary insists in Brazil that sanctions against Russia are “not effective”.

“We and Bolsonaro both want peace,” Novak told his Brazilian counterpart in a joint statement to the media at the Palacio do Planaldo, the seat of the Brazilian government.

Novak is on an official visit to Brazil on a trip that will include stops in Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia and Sao Paulo, and the Russian military invasion of Ukraine was one of the topics he discussed in his bilateral meeting with Bolsonaro.

“It is very important that this war ends as soon as possible” to restore peace “both in Ukraine and in Europe,” the Hungarian leader said.

“We know that accepted restrictions will not lead to any results (…) the world economy is deteriorating and there is food insecurity in many parts of the world. We must avoid these dangers,” he said.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, considered an ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin in the European Union (EU), said earlier this month that he would refuse to implement the seventh set of EU sanctions against Moscow.

In this sense, he encouraged the Bolsonaro government, which has maintained a neutral position and in some cases criticized Putin’s economic blockade, using its diplomatic “influence” to “destroy” the conflict.

For his part, Bolsonaro said in his statement that Brazil wants peace and will do “everything possible” to achieve it.

On Thursday, Jair Bolsonaro defended the Brazilian “balance”, deeming US and European sanctions against Russia “not working” because of its invasion of Ukraine.

“US and European sanctions against Russia have failed. My line was balanced,” Bolsonaro told his supporters in front of the Planaldo Palace, according to local press.

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The Brazilian official recalled the good relations he had with Russia over the supply of fertilizer to Brazil and the sovereignty of the Amazon.

“More than the fertilizer business, [procurei] Food security for the world and the sovereignty of our Amazon. “This is a country that stands with us on this issue of sovereignty,” he asserted.

One of the world’s major ‘grainhouses’, Brazil is one of the world’s largest exporters of agricultural products and depends on fertilizer imports for more than 80%, of which about 20% comes from Russia and over 10% from Belarus. .

The Brazilian government has had an ambiguous attitude towards Russia since it launched its military offensive in Ukraine.

Days before the Russian attack, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro met with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Brazil does not support sanctions on Russia and is making efforts to ensure that sales of Russian fertilizers are not included in the sanctions.

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