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One of the latest reports from US intelligence concludes that this is quite possible Vladimir Putin has advanced stage cancer And who will be treated last April.

There was information of Confirmed in Newsweek magazine Three different U.S. intelligence sources – the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, a retired Air Force officer and a member of the Security Intelligence Service – insist, however, that it is difficult to be absolutely sure of his health. Due to the high level of isolation of the Russian president. “We know, there is one GlacierEven though it was covered in fog, ”one of the sources for the North American magazine reported.

However, Putin’s decision to be ill In a statement issued to Joe Biden’s management According to these sources, by the end of May.

The news comes after several months of speculation about the Russian leader’s health. In early May, the New Lines Magazine Had access to a record The oligarchy near the Kremlin said Putin had a form of leukemia. A few weeks later, US director Oliver Stone was named for a friendly interview with the Russian president. stated publicly in a Web light Putin has had cancer in the past – “but I think he’s done it,” he said.

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Last Sunday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov The Russian leader has publicly denied that he is in good health. To the intelligence sources consulted by Newsweek, it is a testament to Lavrov’s allegiance, which should be taken as an absolute fact.

The situation in the Kremlin is deeply paradoxical on Putin’s side, and the report to Biden reveals that there are potential threats to his leadership. According to the document, There was even an assassination attempt on the Russian president in March. “The maneuvers in the Kremlin have never been more serious since he was in power and everyone feels the end is near,” one source said.

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