This 11-year-old boy has a higher IQ than Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking – International

His name is Yusuf Shah, he is 11 years old and lives in Leeds, England. He decided to take an IQ (Intelligence Quotient) test after always hearing his classmates at school say that he was very intelligent. It got better results than some of the greatest minds on the planet.

To measure intelligence, the English boy took the Mensa test, which required 35 problems to be solved in 25 minutes. It scored 162, while physicists Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein scored only expresses o “Freedom”.

“I was very proud. He was the first in the family to take the Mensa exam. I was also worried because he always tests in rooms full of kids,” said his mother Sana. “We thought he might be intimidated by the adults. But he did beautifully,” he added.

Yusuf’s father did not hide that “this is a test that requires hard preparation.” However, he guarantees that they only did what they were already doing, “nothing specific to an IQ test”. Yusuf’s younger brother Khalid, now 8, wants to experiment when he grows up.

Yusuf, a class 6 student, celebrated the achievement at a Nando’s restaurant with his parents and brothers. “I feel special to receive a certificate about myself”, he said, to the same organ. The boy added that he likes to do things that stimulate his brain.

When he’s not reading, he likes to solve Sudokus and Rubik’s Cubes. The first contact with these colorful enigmas happened in January, when he saw one at a friend’s house. By the end of the month, I was able to solve all the cubes without difficulty. In the future, he wants to study mathematics at Oxford or Cambridge.

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