Two women die after being attacked by a shark in the Red Sea

Two women die after being attacked by a shark in Egypt’s Red Sea. The incident took place south of the city of Hurghada and was confirmed by Environment Minister Yasmin Fouad on Sunday.

As stated therein ReutersApparently two victims There is no correlation and the attacks may have occurred at different times. One AustrianAged 68, lived in the country, cHe managed to swim ashore after the attack. Still gone He was taken to hospital but eventually died from the severity of his injuries.

A few hours later, the About 600 meters from the site At the scene of the attack, the Austrian woman was found by the authorities The body of a Romanian woman in her 50s.

Ministry of Environment announced Creation of a commission to investigate the circumstances of these attacks.

Governor of Red Sea Province It ordered the suspension of all operations and the closure of beaches in the area.

Shark species responsible for attacks are a I do not know. AFP news agency and Austrian media a The mako shark is known to be the fastest shark in the world. Egyptian newspapers I think it’s a white tip shark.

The mako shark (Nano Calvo/VWPics/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)
White tip shark (HUM Pictures/Universal Pictures Group via Getty Images)

Egypt though a Paradise place and very popular among European tourists, The Red Sea is known to exist Sharks.

Attacks are considered RareBut will happen. In 2020, a young Ukrainian lost an arm and a tour guide lost a leg After such an attack.

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