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Retired Ambassador Fernando D’Oliveira Neves defended this Western Sanctions on Russia ‘None’ And a solution to the war in Ukraine must be negotiated with Vladimir Putin. In an interview with CNN Portugal, the ambassador suggested that “we can start reaching out to Russia to find out what steps they can take to satisfy them.”

If Vladimir Putin does not listen, “Patience”: we must continue the diplomatic path “Find a solution that is respectful of legitimate concerns Russian Defense”, defended the envoy in charge of Timor negotiations. Prohibitions, he says, are a “total futility”: “It is only under apartheid that prohibitions can be said to have had any effect”.

Fernando D’Oliveira Neves, who served at the Portuguese Embassy to the United Nations and at the Embassy in Washington, made this clear. Condemn and “absolutely oppose” Russian actions in Ukraine. He characterized the Russian head of state as a “criminal” and “murderer” who should be at the International War Crimes Tribunal.

But It is not advised to “create a salvo against Russia” because that would be harmful. In fact, the sanctions imposed when Crimea was annexed in 2014 have already made a mistake: “They humiliate the country and strengthen political unity and solidarity,” the ambassador considered.

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That is why the messenger “Completely opposed to NATO’s eastward expansion” None of the countries that emerged from the Soviet Union, such as Moldova, Georgia or Ukraine, agreed to open the EU. “All countries have problems with the Russian minority”, Fernando D’Oliveira Neves and considered “ours is enough for us”.

These problems may be even more acute for countries belonging to the alliance, Fernando Neves fears. “The path we are on It could lead to direct conflict between NATO and Russia“, the ambassador warned. This direct conflict could “easily slip through a small misunderstanding” between Russia and Finland – countries that share maritime explorations bordering the two coasts.

In an attempt to explain Vladimir Putin’s goals, the ambassador believes the Russian leader has two demands on the West: to recognize that Russia is a great power and I agree that the country is entitled to have security concerns With your protection, as we all are.” Fernando Neves calls for an end to “hypocrisy” and “not to pretend we are saints when we do the same things.”

We have been maintaining for I don’t know how many years the biggest violator of international law “The installment of what Russia is doing at the same time: Israel”, defended the ambassador and warned that the international community was tolerating the US attacks on Iraq – after all, Russia had the same agenda of invading Ukraine.

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