“The Chinese should be appalled at Putin’s military incompetence.” Analysis by Paulo Portas

The commentator, in the “Global” program, analyzes the G20 summit and the fall of a missile in Poland.

Commentator Paulo Portas considers the last G20 meeting in Bali this November “very important”. “It ends up proving to be more efficient than the United Nations Security Council,” he said in his “Global” opinion piece in TVI’s journal Das 8.

The commentator highlights the roles of Joe Biden and Xi Jinping. As for the US president, Portas reveals that he pulled out of the midterm elections, which “obviously went better than expected,” while the Chinese president saw powers “unseen since Mao Tse-tung” piled on him.

“They are two reinforced leaders, a coincidence at the right time. They have a lot of room for maneuver, they don’t have to think about internal issues forever”, he says, adding that both “made an increasing effort”.

On the issue of Taiwan, one of the most vexed between the US and China, Paulo Portas says Biden’s “clarification” that an invasion of the island is not imminent is helping ease tensions. On the other hand, he says, the war in Ukraine “made the hawks in Beijing think about what would happen in the case of a conventional war in Taiwan.”

As for Vladimir Putin, who did not travel to Indonesia, Portas recalled the G20 summit following the annexation of Crimea, where he was almost “left out, almost nobody wanted to talk to him”.

“This time it was worse. Imagine what Putin would have said when Xi Jinping invaded. He should have said it was quick, easy and successful. What should he say to Xi Jinping now?” asks the commentator. “The Chinese should be appalled at Putin’s military incompetence. Nothing has happened as he said.

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Paulo Portas goes further and says that the Russian president did not participate in the Bali summit “out of shame, difficulty, memory and, in fact, because he is too isolated and his main allies are in danger of losing patience.”

Regarding the war in Ukraine, the commentator mentions the possibility of a cease-fire “without negotiation”, which he thinks would be “favorable to Putin”. 🇧🇷[A Rússia] It is in great difficulty and needs time to reorganize. If it is just a truce, it may be an illusion and it will prove costly later.”

Even so, Paulo Portas highlights some “positive signs” such as China’s “uncomfortableness” with Putin and the “level of US demands regarding Ukraine”, as well as “some differences” between citizens and people. Army in Washington.

Polo Bordas analyzes one of the most significant moments of the week, when a missile landed on Polish territory, killing two people in a small village near the border with Ukraine. “I think everybody in the world, especially in the West and in Europe, has been holding their breath for 24 hours,” he began, before praising Joe Biden for handling the whole incident “with great coolness.”

“Imagine the President of the United States is Donald Trump. Can you imagine what it would be like for Trump to write angry tweets about missiles landing in Poland and the consequences? It makes all the difference that someone is experienced and not impulsive.

Regarding Volodymyr Zelensky’s performance, Bordas said the Ukrainian president accused Russia of attacking Poland, but warned of the need to understand the context. “Ukraine has been bombarded by missiles with extreme intensity and intensity since October. On that day, 96 Russian missiles were launched over Ukraine. There were 20 in the western part of the country.

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Paulo Portas also highlighted the “very moderate and prudent” behavior of Poland, one of the countries “most threatened by Russia” throughout the crisis.

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