More fear in Afghanistan

Fear is growing over the victims of an earthquake that killed more than 1,150 people in Afghanistan this Wednesday, and citizens have been warned of the dangers and hardships that could befall them.

Despite first aid from the international community, hundreds of citizens remain without shelter or medical assistance.

“The Ministry of Health does not have enough medicines, we need medical help and other necessities because it is a big disaster,” said a Guardian official, while citizen Zaidullah Kursiwal warned that “there are no blankets.” , Tents or shelters ”. But the problems did not stop there. “Our entire water supply system has been destroyed. There is really nothing to eat, “AFP wrote.

The international community has already begun mobilizing to help Afghanistan, and UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has expressed his regret over the “deadly” natural disaster that hit eastern Afghanistan.

Guterres said the UN was “fully mobilized” and that groups in Afghanistan were at the forefront of assessing “needs and initial support.”

I extend my deepest condolences to the families of the victims and pray for the speedy recovery of the injured, “he added.

Many organizations, including the World Health Organization, the local Red Crescent and the World Food Program, have begun sending mobile health teams to the provinces of Bactria and the Coast at a time when population needs attention. Relief, food and non-food assistance, and assistance for water, health and hygiene services.

The European Union (EU) on Wednesday called for “international assistance” to Afghanistan, confirming that it will help those in need.

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The situation is so dire that the Taliban-led government has called on the international community to send aid and support to deal with the devastation caused by this natural disaster.

In a rare public appearance, the Taliban’s top leader, Haibatullah Agunta, told the international community and humanitarian organizations that “we must help the Afghan people affected by this great tragedy and make no effort.”

At a time when the region was already in the throes of an economic crisis, the militant group called on Western nations to lift sanctions imposed after the US military, which brought the rebel group to power, abandoned Afghanistan.

However, the involvement of the Taliban may be an impediment to the provision of humanitarian aid, and countries such as Germany and Norway do not cooperate directly with the rebel group, sending aid only through organizations such as the United Nations.

The quake affected areas already affected by heavy rains, landslides and mudslides, complicating rescue efforts.

In addition to the deaths, at least 2,000 people were injured and more than 118,000 children were injured during the quake, according to officials.

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