American couple who went missing on a sailing boat on the way to the Azores show signs of life almost two weeks later

Yanni Nicopoulos and Dale Jones were already returning home after being struck by lightning on their boat.

American couple who were Listed as missing Already located during a trip to Portugal, now heading back home in the state of Virginia.

The 65-year-old man and woman contacted authorities Friday and the U.S. Coast Guard confirmed they were safe and headed for Hampton. At the time of the call they were 129 kilometers from Syncode, and both assured that they were fine and did not need help.

Yanni Nicopoulos and Dale Jones went missing after a boat trip to the Azores. The ship was found with minor damage as it crossed the storm zone on June 13. After that, nothing is known about the couple who went on their way from Hampton to the Azorian archipelago on June 8th.

Four days after Dale Jones’ last contact with the family, the sailor’s daughter, worried she could not reach her mother, alerted the Coast Guard on June 17. Although the couple had not set a return date after the damage to the ship, it was expected that they had already arrived in the United States by that time.

Dale Jones’ daughter was able to call the boat struck by lightning, so they boarded a lifeboat to return home. At that time they were 740 kilometers away from Virginia.

It took five days for the daughter to hear the news again, but the Coast Guard confirmed that both were safe and healthy. That authority, in statements quoted by the Associated Press.

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