Elections in Angola: “President Jono Lorenzo must win without a shadow of fraud”

Angolan writer José Eduardo Aguluza said UNITA has the right and duty to correct any mistakes made during elections in Angola. It also considers that the decisions should be confirmed in the interests of President João Lorenzo.

We want to build a democracy in Angola: if UNITA has evidence or a well-founded suspicion that there has been an error here – it is not a fraud, it could be wrong – it is clear that UNITA alone does not have the right. Duty to condemn these errors and correct them“, he says in SIC Notícias reports.

José Eduardo Agualusa underlines that if published data is confirmed, UNITA’s victory in Luanda is highly symbolic. The writer also recalled that Jono Lorenzo “must win without a shadow of fraud”.

The National Election Commission [de Angola] Not yet closed [os resultados] – And it’s a little strange that it took more than a day to check 3% results“, the writer recalls, one “correct time“that’s it”In the interest of all parties, especially President Jono Lorenzo” Check election results.

and adds: “President Jono Lorenzo must win without a shadow of fraud because, in this second term, if the MPLA is to effectively win, he will need the support of the people, especially the people and youth of Luanda who gave victory to UNITA.“, adds

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