International visitors in Angola: “It’s not credible at all, it’s electoral tourism”

Ana Gómez analyzed this Friday in SIC Notícias, the role of international election observers in Angola, who gave a positive assessment to the process and said it was nothing. “Election Tourism”.

This observation lacks the slightest credibility and is election tourism because observation of an election process is not only done on polling day.

Ana Gomez explained “The electoral process starts much earlier, the regulations of voter registration, how the campaign is processed, how the distribution of media time is processed, and then is an integral and essential part of giving confidence to the citizens. , confidence in the counting process, the mobilization of votes”.

I ask if any of the visitors there, invited by the government, bothered to spend even half an hour in that table centre.

Ana Gomes also highlighted the fact that the EU election monitoring mission was rejected. One “The work with the rules follows the whole process and it follows the counting process very well. There is no EU monitoring work without a large number of staff in the counting centre..

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