A woman becomes a mother after using artificial insemination at home

Bailey Ennis, 24, became the mother of a baby boy after undergoing artificial insemination at home with a kit bought online, which costs £25 (around €30).

The young woman living in South London, England was desperate to become a mother. As he had no intention of starting a relationship, he decided to seek a sperm donor to make his big dream come true. “I’ve wanted to be a mother since I was a teenager, and being a lesbian, I always knew it had to be through artificial insemination. I didn’t want to be in a relationship. I wanted to have a baby,” Bailey said.

According to Daily Mail, the woman found a donor who lived nearby on the Internet. “I wasn’t looking for any specific characteristics, I just wanted someone who was reliable and as healthy as possible. We met for coffee before he agreed to donate to me,” Bailey said of the experience, revealing the man agreed. Be a donor to your “future children”.

Bailey Ennis bought an artificial insemination kit, which costs 25 pounds (about 30 euros), became pregnant in October 2021 and found out the good news on the last day of the month. “I was crazy happy, it was all I wanted in life,” Ennis said.

Lorenzo was born on July 2nd, weighing five pounds and three hundred grams. “He’s got my nose, he’s got big eyes like mine and my brown hair. He’s so cute,” Bailey said.

The woman added that she couldn’t be happier with her decision to become a “single mom”.

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