The first signs of a crisis in Harry and Meghan’s marriage

outside Harry e Megan To the United Nations on International Day Nelson Mandela Full of contradictions and seemingly revealing the first signs of a crisis between the couple, it deals with the publication of an explosive book accusing the former actress of trying to destroy the royal family, manipulating the prince and making him her partner. . At the UN General Assembly in New York, the Duke of Sussex delivered a moving speech focusing on the former South African president’s historic figure and the social and humanitarian legacy he left behind, but he did not forget to remember his mother. She sent him to Africa from childhood, realizing that being on that continent, “I felt very close to my mother, and when she died I was comforted, and I knew that my wife was really my soul. Friend.” Words that seemed to reaffirm his love for Meghan, but contrasted with the gruff way he tried to stop her from holding his wife’s hand moments earlier as they sat side by side in the audience. Now, on July 18, Harry and Meghan walked into the United Nations building and were in good spirits, holding hands and smiling. Photos and videos show the pair sitting down before Harry’s speech, with Meghan trying to calm her husband’s nerves. However, at one point Harry finds himself freeing himself from Meghan’s hand, which she doesn’t seem to like, pulling her husband’s arm with one hand, and with the other, she grabs his arm again in a controlling gesture. Harry is seen shifting his face, adjusting his blazer and lowering his gaze, with a nervous and uncomfortable expression on his face.

As Meghan and Harry are one of the most scrutinized couples today, this strange interaction between the royals was immediately analyzed by body language experts, who identified Meghan’s behavior as someone controlling and Harry’s irritation as a sign that something was about to happen. between the pair. Royal biographer and explorer Angela Levine Speaking about Prince Harry’s intervention at the UN, Meghan described the moment she held her husband’s hand as “absolutely terrifying”, adding: “He is very unhappy, very tired and very lost.” According to the investigator, the strange thing was, “He was sitting next to him with Megan, naturally, she grabbed his arm, and he pushed him back. In turn, Megan grabbed him with one arm and grabbed his arm with the other, so he couldn’t move,” Levine continued. Three days later, on July 21, an unflattering analysis of the Duchess of Sussex gained more prominence when a new biography portrayed her as “explosive,” “unpredictable” and “manipulative.” In the pages of revenge: the battle between Meghan, Harry and the Windsors, biographer Tom Bower Among other things, the actress claims to have married the grandson of the Queen Isabel II Ambition from England. Bower, a journalist, former BBC contributor and one of the most feared celebrity biographers, spent the last year exploring Meghan’s life and speaking to 80 people who passed through her life. In this unauthorized autobiography, full of anger, intimidation and hypocrisy, the Duchess of Sussex reveals the hidden personality of the Duchess of Sussex, who leaves Prince Harry unscathed, identifies him as her partner and considers him a “threat” to the British royal family.

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Eager to take center stage at Jubilee
Throughout the book, Tom Bower emphasizes Meghan’s eagerness to take the lead, recalling the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s maneuvers with Queen Elizabeth II in an attempt to be on the balcony of Buckingham Palace during the Jubilee celebrations. “Meghan asked to be on the Buckingham Palace balcony, mostly because she knew the impact of appearing next to the Queen in a Netflix documentary. Prince Charles was very opposed to being on the Palace balcony with his family. They only appeared briefly at St Paul’s Cathedral, and left in anger at not having the high-profile role they wanted,” Bower says.

Queen’s relief at Meghan’s absence from funeral
Knowing that Meghan will not be accompanying her grandson on her trip to England to attend Prince Philip’s funeral in April 2021, the Queen said: “Thank God it’s not coming” – another expression in the book of great relief. Meghan is pregnant with a girl, who they will call Lilibet, which is not exactly to the Queen’s liking, as she is still reeling from accusations the couple made during their controversial interview with Oprah Winfrey that aired in March. 2021.

After all, Kate is all Meghan has to cry about
Bower alleges in her book that she played the victim in an incident with Kate Middleton in May 2018, just days before the royal wedding in Windsor. The tension between them made her cry. “Then he apologized and sent me flowers,” Meghan said during an interview with Oprah Winfrey. Bower’s account presents the opposite version: “It was Kate Middleton who shed some tears over the way Meghan Markle compared Princess Charlotte to her friend Jessica Mulroney’s daughter Ivy. The two had already argued about whether or not bridesmaids should wear stockings and why Kate thought Charlotte’s dress was too short.”

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Trying to help Megan with her father
The book details how the Queen and Prince Charles spoke to Meghan at length and tried to persuade her to personally convince her father, Thomas Markle, to attend their Windsor wedding. Meghan rejected the idea on the grounds that it was too unrealistic to think she could go to Mexico and meet her father without being followed by the paparazzi.

Obligatory comparisons to Diana
Throughout the book Meghan is characterized as a manipulative person who has great power over Prince Harry, which she was able to use to get what she wanted. According to Bower, the idea to compare Meghan to the failed Diana “could have come from the former actress, by garnering media attention. knauf [assessor de imprensa do príncipe] He insisted that over-dramatizing Meghan’s anguish would backfire, but Harry stood his ground. If Meghan’s desire to be Diana’s equal doesn’t come true, Harry insists, he will probably lose her. A report comparing Meghan to Diana was made public in November 2016, five months after Harry and Meghan first met.

Terror in the palace
During her stay at Kensington Palace, Meghan showed her bad temper and received complaints of mistreatment and bullying. Before marrying Prince Harry, the Duchess “made people cry with her passive-aggressive tone” and demanded first-class flights and luxury accommodations on business trips, Bower says. In Retribution, the journalist describes Meghan’s “abuse” of her own entourage, “particularly four women who worked for her and British embassy staff” during the couple’s visit to Australia. “In a fit of rage, she threw a cup of tea in the air,” Bower recounts. “Her anger may have been fueled by Harry, who spends every night on social media reading what people are saying about the couple,” the writer concludes.

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Camila in a delicate situation
A new book about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex puts Camilla in a delicate position. According to Tom Bower, the Duchess of Cornwall made some comments about what her baby with Meghan might look like during a family meeting with Prince Harry. Prince Charles’ wife joked that it would be “funny” if the Dukes’ future son had a “red afro”. Harry would have laughed at Camilla’s words, but the comment would later infuriate Meghan.
Remember, Harry and Meghan caused a lot of controversy during an interview with Oprah when they said there was a racist member of the royal family.

The rift with the royal family is deep
Like other unofficial publications, Buckingham Palace declined to comment on the biographer’s claims. A spokesman for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex has yet to respond to the publication.
All the events of recent years – including Harry and Meghan announcing in January 2020 that they are stepping down from royal duties in search of independence – show that the conflict between the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and the British royal family is deep and far-reaching. . Despite Elizabeth II’s attempts to bring the family together – she reportedly invited the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and their children to spend a few days with her at Balmoral, Scotland – there is a need to protect the monarchy from threats and princes. Charles and William don’t want to approach Harry. With all the recent events, one doubt seems to be gaining strength: Will Harry and Meghan’s love prove to be the test of everything?

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