Zelensky and Olena were criticized for posing for Vogue magazine Observer

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“Portrait of Courage” is the headline on the cover of the October issue of American magazine Vogue, where Ukrainian first lady Olena Zelenska sits on the steps of the parliament in the center of Kiev. Sandbags protecting the building’s pillars from destruction by Russian troops are clearly visible.

Inside the publication, you can read an interview with the two conducted at the presidential complex, signed by journalist Rachel Donadio. The couple was photographed holding hands and hugging by Annie Leibovitz in her usual military uniform, dressed by various national fashion designers such as Better, Six, Hvoya, The Code, Kachorowska and Baustovit. A video showing the production of the session.

On social network Twitter, the criticism did not take long and many considered the couple’s appearance “disgraceful”. “Tens of thousands are dead and injured, but Zelensky has his own worries. As Ukraine is littered with dead bodies, Vogue reports on the Zelenskys. Human vanity knows no bounds,” writes one user.

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“Zelenksy is a fraud, we’re risking World War III to produce Vogue,” said another. “How do you have time to create a fashion product when the Ukrainian people are at war?” Another comment reads. Other published accusations causing controversy include being “narcissistic”, “elitist”, “in bad taste” and “faking poses”.

In another interview the pair gave to British host Piers Morgan, The “Pierce Morgan Not Censored”, Olana, who was first conceived jointly, learned of her intentions on television and admitted that Zelensky had forgotten to tell her that he was going to run for the presidency of Ukraine. The revelation merited several smiles between them, in a rare moment of public calm.

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