Threatens to cut diplomatic ties with Ukraine if it decides to invade Belarus – Observer

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Ukraine’s foreign minister has vowed to cut diplomatic ties with Belarus if its forces cross the border in support of a Russian invasion. Euromaidan Press.

Dmytro Kuleba recalls that diplomatic relations with Russia ended on February 24 with the outbreak of war, and says The same will happen if Belarus decides to invade.

“Belarus is complicit in this crime of aggression, and no one questions it,” he said.

The head of Ukrainian diplomacy criticizes the contradictory position of Belarus, which despite maintaining relations with Ukraine, has already ceded territory to the Russians for bombing Ukrainian territory.

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Last week, the Belarusian head of state revealed it It also strengthened its military presence on the border it shares with Ukraine.

“God forbid if this war ever reaches Belarus. But if madmen do it, this is a way to protect our homeland,” pointed out Alexander Lukashenko, guaranteeing that he has “taken appropriate decisions” from the conflict in Ukraine.

Lukashenko warns that “modern fascists from NATO countries” are attacking and want to invade western Russia and Belarus

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