“They hit him 60 times.” Eight agents have fired dozens of shots at an African-American man killed in the United States

At a press conference Sunday, Akron Police Chief Stephen Milet acknowledged the footage was “shocking” and “hard to watch.”

Mylett said officers tried to stop Jayland Walker’s vehicle for a traffic violation around 12:30 p.m. Monday (3:30 p.m. in Lisbon) and failed to stop, prompting a car chase.

During the chase, Walker allegedly shot police once, which the young man’s family has denied.

A short time later, Walker exited the vehicle and began fleeing on foot as agents deemed him a “deadly threat” and chased after him and shot him, according to a statement released Tuesday by Akron police.

Walker, 25, was later pronounced dead in the parking lot where he fled.

According to local media, police fired more than 90 rounds at Walker.

“They hit him 60 times,” the organization Black Lives Matter condemned on the social networking site Twitter.

Protesters have been gathering since Wednesday in front of city hall and the police station in Akron, the hometown of basketball star LeBron James.

Walker’s family attorney, Bobby DiCello, called for the protests to continue peacefully.

Some of the videos released by the police at the press conference were from cameras mounted on the officers’ uniforms.

Eight police officers involved in the death have been administratively suspended pending a judicial investigation.

The City Council decided on Thursday to cancel the annual festival scheduled for the long weekend of the US national holiday, which is celebrated today, saying it felt “this is not the time for festivities”.

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