The eviction of the Azote plant in Chevroletonetsk is now “impossible”

A The Azot chemical plant, located in the Ukrainian city of Chevrodonetsk, is home to hundreds of civilians and is no longer expected to be evacuated due to a series of bombings by Russian troops. Local Governor Sergei Haidai made the announcement in an interview with CNN International.

“It is not possible to get out of there now. I mean, it is physically possible, but it’s very dangerous because of the constant bombing and fighting,” Sergei Haidai explained.

The same source said that about 568 people, including 38 children, are currently staying in the factory.

Speaking to CNN International, the local governor, although he was skeptical of the promises made by Moscow, pointed out that a complete shutdown of the factory would be possible only if there was a complete ceasefire.

“I hear a lot of what they say, but 99% is just nonsense or lies. If there is a total ceasefire, we can pull people out. But I do not trust the Russians – as they lie, they have not already given their word and kept it. There is a lot of evidence of this.” He said.

Sergei Haidai, during the same interview, also mentioned that last month the authorities tried to force the public inside the Azote factory to leave the place. However, many of them “did not want to go” because they firmly believed that they would be safe if they stayed where they were.

In fact, there have been numerous cases of civilians being killed or injured while trying to leave the shelter, i.e. to cook, the local governor said.

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It is to be recalled that on Tuesday, Russia announced on Wednesday that it would open a humanitarian walkway to remove civilians from the Azot chemical plant to the area under Russian control.

But according to Alexander Nikis, commander of the Second Branch of the Lugansk People’s Republic Army, Ukrainian forces bombed the Azot Gate at 8:10 a.m. the same day – so the operation was halted.

Launched on February 24, the Russian military offensive in Ukraine has already displaced more than 15 million people – more than eight million internally displaced persons and more than 7.5 million neighbors – according to the latest United Nations (UN) data. , Considers this refugee crisis to be the worst in Europe since World War II (1939-1945). In addition, about 15 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance.

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