Texas senator blames video games for assassinations like Uvalde

As usual, video games have been cited as one of the main reasons for a massacre in the United States, which has been repeatedly reported by Republican senators. A part of the country seems to show indescribable interest.

Ted Cruz, a Republican senator in Texas, is particularly notable for presenting several reasons for the massacre in the state where the most recent massacre of more than 20 children took place at a school in Wolverhampton. He notes that video games and violent content on the Internet can cause these individuals to lose their sensitivity to violence and even death.

According to Cruz, the massacre should force the entire nation to focus on what really matters, “realize where our culture is failing” and present immediately the symptoms and problems that currently affect the minds of young people in particular. The man responsible for the brutal massacre in Wolverhampton was 18 years old.

Cruise declined to question the officers’ behavior in response to what was happening, not even mentioning the role of the guns, saying he “wanted to see broken families, parents who were not there, reduced attendance at church, bullying on social media, violent online content., Reducing the sensitivity to murder in video games,” Chronic Isolation ”.” Here Cruise had to stop to enjoy the applause of the audience.

Finally, he talked about the use of drugs and medications that have an impact on the minds of young people. Cruise does not talk about weapons and ease of access, his focus is on surgery and, as in the past, a strong focus on focusing the conversation on keywords and not mentioning the word weapons.

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After this terrible tragedy, we have got the usual cycle again, in which video games are placed on the main reasons for a massacre and the conversation is waiting to go to the next topic, maybe a Kardashian will do something and social media will focus. That.

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