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Russia has warned the United States of temporarily suspending part of the START treaty, the treaty between the two countries that controls nuclear weapons. Reuters. The Russian Foreign Ministry has explained that Stop nuclear weapons testingDue to travel restrictions imposed by Washington and its allies, provided for in the agreement with the US.

Moscow says it was forced to resort to the move as a result of “Washington’s insistence on the inevitable resumption of inspection activities under conditions that do not take into account the current reality.” America’s “unilateral advantages” are at stake “Lost” to the Russian Federation for conducting inspections on US territory. Despite the move, the ministry says the country remains committed to the terms of the agreement.

According to North American State DepartmentThe New START treaty entered into force in 2011 and limits the number of nuclear weapons Washington and Moscow have, as well as the use of land-based and submarine-launched missiles.

The treaty has several procedures for implementing and verifying arms limitations, including inspection activities, biennial information exchanges, and a bilateral consultative committee that meets at least twice a year.

A Sky News Last week, US President Joe Biden recalled what his administration said It was willing to negotiate a change of contract – which expires in February 2026 – if Russia is willing to regain nuclear control. However, that was the Kremlin’s response The time for negotiation is over And if there is no new deal by 2026, global security will be undermined. The conflict in Ukraine has fueled tensions between the two countries due to US support and sanctions.

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