“Oh Mommy, My Mommy!”: Night Missile Leaves Trail of Destruction in Mykolayiv

Although Kherson was liberated, the fighting was especially brutal in the nearby city of Mykolay. At least seven people were killed in the Russian missile attack.

Night attack by S-300 missile, A residential building was hit Site in Mykolaiv, southern Ukraine. Russia says it pointed to an ammunition depot 70 kilometers from Kherson.

Alerted, the families of the injured and the dead reacted Agitation and emotion.

“This can’t be true, today is her birthday. Oh mother, my mother! It’s her birthday today,” laments a Ukrainian woman.

“Don’t touch me, I don’t want to live! My son!” Another girl shouts.

The Ukrainian president did not hesitate to classify the attack Another act of terrorism By Russia on the day thousands of Russian soldiers abandoned the Kherson region.

During the day, pictures were also released of two militants freed by Russia and the bodies of 45 soldiers returned to Ukraine.

In the Russian-controlled Luhansk region, A joint funeral of 38 separatists was held The target of a prisoner exchange with Ukraine.

The Kremlin confirmed that negotiations with the UN on a Black Sea grain export deal are ongoing. Moscow wants to include its own grains and fertilizers in an extension of the deal, which expires on November 19.

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