Yaremsuk took a photo with a Russian rapper, but regretted it: “I do not know what else to say” – Benfica

Forward met the musician Pasta while on vacation in Turkey

Vasily Mikhailovich Vakulenko, also known as Pasta, is one of the biggest names in hip-hop and rap music in Russia. In July 2021, Romain Yaremsuk and Vitaly Mikolenko were on vacation in Turkey and found out who was the reference for them in the music scene. From there, they even asked for a photo with Pasta, but now the Benfica striker regrets the numerous criticisms he has received after sharing the joint photo on social media. “It is natural to get them, I agree with whoever did it, it’s a big mistake, I want to apologize for that, I apologize to the people affected by the Russian invasion now. I do not know what else can be said. Lamented. After that, Yaremsuk clarified that he had stopped listening to pasta music and beyond. “Now there is not even a single Russian singer on my playlist. We only listen to Ukrainian music. The whole selection has changed in that aspect and it is very patriotic now,” he said.

It should be noted that rapper Pasta, who has a music career of more than two decades, was banned from entering Ukraine in 2017 for three years after moving to pro-Russian separatist-held Crimea. He returned to Kiev in 2020, but was eventually challenged by activists accusing him of collaborating with Vladimir Putin.

By Flavio Miguel Silva


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