“What other items did you steal from Ukraine”? – Viewer

Using a press conference held by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in Ankara (Turkey) this Wednesday, the Ukrainian journalist questioned Russia as to “stolen goods from Ukraine and to whom he sold them”.

“Apart from grain, what other goods did he steal from Ukraine and to whom did he sell them?”The Russian diplomat asked the journalist of the Ukrainian public television Muslim Umerov.

Sergei Lavrov responded, “Ukrainians are always worried about what can be stolen, and everyone thinks the same way.”

“Our goals are clear and we want to save the people from the pressure of the Nazi regime. [ucraniano]. We will not interfere in the grains. So they can leave the ports, Mr. [Volodymyr] Zhelensky [Presidente da Ucrânia] To order [a sua saída]That’s all, ”he added.

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Speaking to AFP, journalist Muslim Umerov explained that “the press raised its hand throughout the meeting.”

I realized that they would not let me speak, so I decided to speak out loud ”and“ I was at risk of disrupting the press conference. Ukraine is waiting for an answer to this question“, He observed.

Last Friday, Ukraine’s ambassador to Ankara accused Russia of “stealing” and exporting Ukrainian grain, especially to Turkey.

From the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine, Lavrov, Recognized by Western nations, he made rare visits abroadHas traveled to China, India, Algeria, Saudi Arabia and Turkey twice.

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