War in Ukraine: “Great Courage” from the President of Kazakhstan and the Extraordinary Demand of a Russian Commander

The President of Kazakhstan does not recognize the independence of the secessionist territories. For Nuno Rogeiro and José Milhazes, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev’s position was “extremely courageous.”

“The Kremlin tried to give him a medal, which is one of the highest decorations, and he [Presidente do Cazaquistão] He denied it, saying he would not accept the decorations when he was president, “Milhazes said.

The SIC commentator clarified that the Russian press had reacted badly to Qasim-Jomar Tokaye’s statements, but the Kremlin remained silent “knowing that Kazakhstan has better relations with Beijing”.

In this Sunday’s commentary, Nuno Rogero highlighted the role of women in the war, many of whom are fighting with Russian forces.

“They are in all branches of the Ukrainian Armed Forces,” the SIC commentator said.

In the field of extraordinary chapters, Jose Millhause came up with a request from a Russian commander. Thousands of underwear, socks and toilet paper rolls were requested from the Russian city council. The mayor responded immediately and sent a request to market managers to help Russian troops reach out.

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