Ukrainian opposition demolishes hotel frequented by Russian leaders in the occupied city of Gershon – Observer

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An attack by Ukrainian civilians provoked the destruction of a hotel in Gershon At least four people were injuredThe city, now under the control of the Moscow military, has been described by Russian officials as a “terrorist actor.”

This cafe, one step Ukrainian army The British newspaper The Telegraph quoted, It will be the place where many Russian leaders had “lunch from the early days” of the occupation.

Today’s eruption [quarta-feira] Shows that the fight does not stop for a second or a minute. Kherson oblast Ukrainian, ”he added.

(You need to open the Twitter post separately to watch the cafe hit video.)

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Prior to the attack, there was already Ukrainian opposition in the city The Americans spread a number of posters asking for information about Kherson’s Russian leaders in the “need” style., Explains the British newspaper. These actions were part of a counter-propaganda campaign against the Russian occupation.

The Ukrainian opposition has been trained by the Ukrainian Special Operations Forces for the past few weeks.The British newspaper revealed, with exercises divided into three strands as “military action, support operations and psychological warfare”.

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