Trump’s first wife buried on golf course A tax avoidance strategy? – Presently

Ivana Trump is the first wife of former US President Donald Trump and the mother of his eldest children Donald Jr., Ivanka and Eric. Died on July 14Age 73.

According to officials, the Death is accidental and held at his home in New York.

The mogul’s ex-wife was buried next to the first hole of Trump National Golf Club in New Jersey last month, which immediately raised doubts about the motives behind these unusual choices.

Under New Jersey tax rules, cemeteries are tax-exempt, so choosing a location in a tax-exempt area would give the Trump family, who owns a golf course, a tax break. Guardian.

to write Business Insider The tax code exempts cemetery businesses not only from real estate taxes, fees and assessments, or personal property taxes, but also from business taxes, sales taxes, income taxes, and inheritance taxes.

According to published documents ProPublicaThe Trump family previously tried to designate a nearby property, the grounds in Hackettstown, to be classified as a nonprofit cemetery business.

In 2012, public radio NPR revealed Trump’s plans to build a mausoleum for himself on the site, despite already owning a plot in Queens with his mother and father. Later, the plan was revised to include more than a thousand graves.

Later, the plan fell through and the intent was to build a family cemetery, but in 2017, according to a report in The Washington Post, the plan was revised to provide 284 graves, some of which are available for purchase.

According to The Guardian, Ivana Trump is the first person to be buried on the grounds of Trump National Golf Club.

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