“They took Igor Kolike.” Kerson Meyer’s adviser describes how the ruler was detained by Russian troops – Observer

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Russian forces have reportedly arrested Kherson Mayor Igor Kolykhaev on Tuesday. This information was provided by the mayor’s adviser Kalina Liyashevskaya Mail He wrote on his Facebook page: “They took Igor Kolike”.

To the Councilor Then returned to Facebook To tell you more about how it happened. On Tuesday morning he wrote that Igor Kolikov had moved to a municipal institution. “As soon as he got out of the car, he was immediately detained by the Russian armed National Guard and probably the FSB. [Servi├žo Federal de Seguran├ža russo].”, he said.

According to the account of Kalina Liashevskaya, Two hard drives were removed from the computers, the security was opened, and there was a search for documents – This time the mayor was placed in another office and handcuffed in armed custody, he insists. He was later placed in a vehicle with the letter “Z” and taken away by Moscow authorities.

Kolikaye’s publicist, who believes he was arrested Refusal to cooperate with authorities Occupied the city. “A few days ago, Kolikov received a letter from the ‘newly appointed’ mayor inviting him to discuss the future ‘integration system’. He threatened to arrest you for refusing this date.. Kolikov did not go.

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