There is already a behind-the-scenes debate in the Kremlin about Putin stepping down from power

According to Medusa – the mechanism of the Latvia-based investigation into Russia – Vladimir Putin’s departure from power is being discussed “behind the scenes” by the Kremlin.

The publication quoted sources close to the Kremlin as saying, “The Russian president is at the center of discontent in Ukraine between those who support the war and those who oppose it.”

He further added that key Russian businessmen and many members of the government were “dissatisfied with Putin’s invasion of Ukraine without considering the magnitude of the resulting sanctions.”

According to sources quoted in the publication in question, the future of the presidency is “increasingly being discussed” and there is even talk of a possible successor “behind the scenes of the Kremlin.”

In the debates within the Kremlin, Medusa says, “there is an understanding or desire that” now there is no plot to overthrow Putin “or” he will not rule in the future. “

Among the names circulating behind the scenes are potential successors to Moscow’s Mayor Sergei Sofian, former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and vice president of the presidential administration Sergei Kryenko.

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