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Visiting family is common practice for most people – but for some it can be a little different. So said Pope Francis, who traveled to Asti in the Piedmont region this Saturday to celebrate the 90th birthday of one of his relatives and “meet his relatives for a private visit”.

The current pope’s parents and paternal grandparents lived in the region and some relatives still live there, whom Francis has not met since his election.

It was just after noon when the helicopter landed at Portocomaro station. From there, the Pope went to Portocomaro The first visit was Carla RepezanaTurned 90 a few days ago.

WHO See pictures Forget for a moment that the Pope exists. At the door of the house, Carla simply greets her cousin George. Then they go inside: the table is set and the typical lunch of the region is ready.

Visiting brings back memories of times past. Bergoglio stayed at his cousin’s house when he had to go to Germany or Rome to study theology. Radio Renaissance🇧🇷 Now life is different in the Vatican, but the phone rings once a month to keep ties.

“When George called me two months ago to tell me he was coming here to celebrate my birthday, I was emotional and told him my heart was skipping a beat. He responded with his usual quip: ‘See if you win and don’t die until then’. We burst out laughing.” Karla recalls.

After this first meeting, Pope Francis visited the local house and met other family members in the Diglio area.

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If today is more private, tomorrow more people will see the Pope. Francisco presides at the Eucharist in Asti Cathedral, recalling the land his parents moved to in Argentina.

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