The Turkish ship Mariupol left the port after negotiations in Moscow

The ministry quoted the French news agency AFP as saying that “within hours of the long meeting, the Turkish cargo ship[” Azov Concord “]left the port of Ukraine[“AzovConcordAscore”[“அசோவ்கான்கார்ட்”)உக்ரைன்துறைமுகத்தைவிட்டுவெளியேறியது”என்றுபிரஞ்சுசெய்திநிறுவனமானAFPமேற்கோளிட்டஒருஅறிக்கையில்அமைச்சகம்தெரிவித்துள்ளது[“AzovConcord”)queestavaàesperahádiasdeixouoportoucraniano”disseoministérionumadeclaraçãocitadapelaagênciafrancesaAFP

The ministry added that this would be the first foreign ship to leave the Russian-controlled Ukrainian port of Mariupol since May as part of the February 24 invasion of Ukraine.

Ankara said a four-member meeting with representatives of the United Nations, Russia and Ukraine would be held in Turkey “in the next few weeks” to arrange for the transport of grain across the Black Sea.

In a statement issued in Moscow, the Russian government said that representatives of the Russian and Turkish defense ministries today held talks on lifting sanctions on Ukrainian ports to ensure grain exports and safe navigation in the Black Sea.

“The parties discussed approaches for the safe departure of Turkish merchant ships and the export of grain from Ukrainian ports to ensure safe navigation in the Black Sea,” the Spanish company EFE was quoted as saying.

According to the Russian news agency TASS, five ships from Bulgaria, the Dominican Republic, Liberia, Panama and Jamaica are in port in Mariupol.

Russia has said it is ready to ensure the safe departure of grain ships from Ukraine via the Black Sea once ports are cleared and corridors built to allow traffic.

Moscow argues that Ukraine has cut off ports, not Russia, which controls most of the terminals in the Azov Sea in southern Ukraine, except for the largest in Odessa on the Black Sea.

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On the coast of Odessa, Russia maintains warships that prevent the passage of merchant ships.

Ukraine demands possible guarantees that Russia will not use any demining to attack Odessa.

Turkey, which mediates between Russia and Ukraine for the export of Ukrainian grain, believes that demining is not necessary, that mines should be identified and routes built safely using Ukrainian traction.

Western nations accuse Russia of creating global food shortages to ease sanctions imposed on Russia since its occupation of Ukraine on February 24.

According to the British magazine The Economist, Ukraine and Russia provide 28% of the world’s wheat, 29% of barley, 15% of corn and 75% of sunflower oil.

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