The PCB’s general secretary compares Russia to a “stimulated dog”.

Paolo Raimundo considered the PCP’s position on the conflict in Ukraine to be “simple and complex at the same time.”

Paolo Raimundo, general secretary of the PCP, compared Russia to a dog “teased” by the US, NATO and the EU, underlining that the party had nothing to do with the “wishes of the Russian government”.

In an interview with Lusa, Paolo Raimundo considered the PCP’s position on the conflict in Ukraine to be “simple and complex at the same time.”

“There is no doubt that there is a Russian military intervention in Ukraine,” the PCP “does not relativize,” the PCP’s new secretary-general resorted to a childhood story to explain why the Kremlin was provoked.

“I have a childhood friend, at one point – six, seven years old – he had a small dog. So the game was set up – it was completely ridiculous – three children, in turn, teased the dog. They provoked the dog, and when the dog came to bite, they shouted and the dog , poor thing, went down… That’s the way the game is played. This friend of mine who is a dog owner, when it was his turn to shake the dog, the dog gave him 20 or more bites. TO THE OWNER! And the question is, is it the dog’s fault? Guilty?” Paulo Raimundo explained.

The party leader acknowledged that “the story may sound a bit ridiculous” but its purpose was to “contextualize” the US, NATO and the EU as “three boys teasing a dog”.

“The problem did not start on February 24 [data da invasão da Ucrânia pela Rússia]🇧🇷 That day he had a reprehensible escalation, but it didn’t start there,” he said, adding that the PCP condemned “Russian military intervention from the beginning, even for reasons of international law.”

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“This military operation is condemnable from the outset in the light of international law,” he stressed.

“We neither despise nor compare Russian military intervention,” concluded the Communist General Secretary, who was sworn in three days earlier.

Paolo Raimundo, who always avoided using the word “invasion” throughout the interview, ended by equating the expressions “military intervention”, “military action” and “military invasion”, denying that the PCP’s position legitimizes the conflict that began on February 24 in Ukrainian. Territory.

The secretary of the PCP regretted that the PCP had reached the point where it had to make it clear that it had “nothing to do with the Russian government”: there is nothing, not even remotely, that connects us to the Russian government. We have nothing to do with Russian government class exams. We are engaged in a daily struggle with these options,” he argued.

“Military action is reprehensible”, but “it has not started now, there are not too good and not too bad, there are shared responsibilities,” he stressed.

Paulo Raimundo considered the Ukrainian population to be the real victim of the conflict, with more than 13 million refugees since the start of the war “almost half of the population” and the total number of deaths unknown. And said he hoped there would be “no more escalation moments”.

“The problem in the Ukrainian region did not start on February 24. The dimension of the problem and the military did not start on February 24. […]🇧🇷 What is the purpose of the next economic mission, but also military [dos Estados Unidos]?” Questioning that, he recalled that when the war broke out, “the party now had an opportunity to condemn”.

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The PCP leader once again pointed the finger at Washington, this time because of “all the escalating tensions in relations between the United States and China” and the fact that the Communists were not being “rested”.

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