The leader of the rebel forces was reportedly detained in Crimea during the 2014 invasion. Strelkov preferred to travel in front – the observer

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Russian Igor Kirkin, also known as Igor Strelkov, was allegedly arrested in Crimea when he tried to join the front lines of the war in Ukraine because he was dissatisfied with the “slow progress of the army”.

Aleksandr Zhuchkovsky, a Russian nationalist and ally of Strelkov, spearheaded his arrest. telegramadded that “Strelkov has extensive military experience”. For Zhukovsky, “preventing him from fighting is a great political crime”.

Nas Social websites Photographs of Kirk without his traditional mustache are circulating, said to be a possible cover-up attempt to consolidate the Kherson front in southern Ukraine. A fake passport allegedly used by Igor and dated 2015 was also shared on social media.

Igor Girkin was an officer in Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB). Led Russian rebel forces in the Donbass invasion, in 2014, by capturing the city of Sloviansk. During that time, he traveled to the Donets as a militant with no ties to the Russian government, becoming charismatic and leading the way even though he was recognized by the Kremlin.

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Now 51, he works as a military analyst and is a self-confessed supporter of the invasion of Ukraine, although he has criticized Putin for being “not fully committed, for handling the war effort” and for “refusing to order total mobilization.” “, he writes. Oh Independence of Kiev.

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