The groom and guests were found dead

A wedding ended in tragedy in Nigeria on Tuesday when the groom and five guests were found dead at home. The bride and seven others were hospitalized.

33-year-old Obinna Dike and his wife Nebechi got married near Enugu in Nigeria. The party was attended by friends and family.

On the morning after the wedding, neighbors broke down the family’s door and found 14 guests, including the bride and groom, unconscious. Local police said the bodies were foaming at the mouth.

Despite being rushed to hospital, Obinna and the five guests could not resist. The bride and other guests were hospitalized.

The cause of death is yet to be ascertained, but residents have suggested it could be food poisoning or carbon monoxide poisoning due to the electricity generator the couple had taken into their home.

Portable generators produce toxic and dangerous gas and should not be kept indoors.

Police spokesperson Daniel Ndukwe told Nigerian newspaper “Premium Times” that the next day, when none of the wedding guests came out of the house, the neighbors went to break down the front door of the house.

The bride and groom returned home shortly after the wedding with their guests to continue the feast.

Police said a post-mortem will be conducted to determine the cause of death and an investigation will be launched.

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