The author of the book “How to Kill Your Husband” was sentenced to life imprisonment

The American writer, who wrote and published the article “How to Kill Your Husband” was already convicted of her own husband’s death in May, but only this Monday will know the fine. The 71-year-old writer was sentenced to life in prison, which opens up the possibility of parole 25 years later, when Nancy Proby is 96, the newspaper reveals. Defender.

Judgment came with one hand Arbitration of 12 persons, Then Two days consultation. Nancy Crompton Probe She killed her husband in 2018. When it was Worked at Oregon Culinary Company.

Students of 63-year-old Daniel Proby found him dead Two bullets in the heart.

Nancy Crompton Foy He was detained in September of that year and has been detained ever since.

Attorney Sean Overstreet presented evidence to that effect American writer Purpose Receive $ 1.5 million (approximately 4 1.4 million) in life insurance, Because the couple may face financial problems.

(AP, pool by Dave Gillan / The Oregonian)

The weapon was not found, But Nancy Crampton bought one Similar to skepticism, he claims to have used it only to provide reality to his works.

Due to this the case was published in the media The article was published by the author, but it was not used as evidence in court.

Security blames Evidence In contrast to Nancy Contextual And opposed allegations of financial problems. When JudgmentAsked Witnesses Reinforced that The relationship between the couple was loving and strong.

71-year-old writer Guarantee That she and her husband They would have bought life insurance policies as part of their retirement plan and had a debt reduction plan.

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The article is dedicated to “How to Kill Your Husband” How to remove a wife without worrying about art and justice.

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