Putin “sees himself as a messiah” and does not like critics, especially if they are women, says Hillary Clinton – viewer

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Vladimir Putin “has almost a Messianic belief in himselfAnd he did not want to be criticized, especially if they were women, he said. Hillary ClintonWho is the former US presidential candidate He came to blame He intervened in the 2016 Russian presidential election, which was defeated against Donald Trump.

“Putin does not like critics, especially women who criticize him,” Clinton said in a group discussion at the Hay Festival, a literary and art show in Wales. Quoted by The GuardianClinton recalled that between 2009 and 2013, when she was secretary of state in the Obama administration, there were some “positive improvements” in her working relationship with Putin. However, relations between the two deteriorated when Clinton publicly denounced Putin’s re-election as President of Russia in 2012 as “blatantly fake.”

After that criticism, he said, “Putin became very aggressive towards me, and we know, but he did his best to ensure that Trump was elected in any way, despite his claims.”

Hillary Clinton has accused Russia of hacking into Democrat computers

In his conversation with Putin, Clinton said that she believes he was born to fulfill the “almost Messianic belief that Putin has about himself and what he wants to become” – in particular, “”. Recover the Russian Empire. “

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When he invaded Ukraine, unfortunately I was not surprised. However, I was amazed at the ability of Ukraine and President Zhelensky to defend themselves, “said Clinton.

In Russia, Hillary Clinton has launched a challenge to create conditions that call for an electoral law that “the voices of all Russians will be heard and all their votes counted” in accordance with “internationally valid standards”.

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