Putin complains of “direct attack” on Western cyber attacks against Russia – observer

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Friday that Russia had faced “direct occupation” by Western cyber-attacks during the invasion of Ukraine, but that it had successfully defended itself.

In a speech to members of the Russian Security Council, Putin noted that “the challenges in this area have become even more pressing, serious and far-reaching.”

The Russian president has condemned “unleashed direct aggression against Russia, a war on information leaked”, and the cyber-aggression against Moscow, “Like an attack in the form of obstacles, it failed”.

Putin says EU is committing “economic suicide” by vetoing Russian power, warns of “irreversible consequences”

Putin ordered the authorities to “improve and strengthen information security guarantee mechanisms in key industrial facilities.” Have a direct relationship with defensive ability [da Rússia]And with the steady growth of the economic and social sectors“.

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The Italian press on Friday reported that computer attacks had taken place on several Italian corporate websites, which Gilnet, a pro-Russian group that had already tried to disrupt last week’s Eurovision song competition in Turin, claimed.

Before, The Killnet team has already attacked several Italian corporate websites The pages of the Senate and the Ministry of the Interior were blocked for several hours. Russian pro-joint Gilnet Romania has already called for similar cyber-attacks against websites in Poland and the United States.

President Rodrigo Chavez said on Monday that Costa Rica was also at war with the “cyber-terrorists” of Gandhi, a pro-Russian group that launched a series of attacks on April 17.

Russia launched a military offensive in Ukraine on February 24 that killed more than 3,000 civilians, warning that the actual number could be much higher, according to the UN.

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The military offensive left more than 13 million people dead, more than 5.5 million of whom fled the country, according to the latest UN data.

The Russian invasion was generally condemned by the international community, which responded by sending arms to Ukraine and strengthening economic and political sanctions on Moscow.

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