Pucha – New pictures show how the public was hanged on the Observer

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American newspaper The New York Times Never-before-released videos showing moments of execution in Pucha help prove that war crimes took place there.

Images were captured by security cameras and amateur footage. According to the NYT, they describe what happened on the outskirts of Kiev on March 4: You can see a line of Ukrainian men being held hostage at gunpoint by a pair of Russian soldiers.

In the second video obtained by drone, the next day (March 5), you can see what the same group of men will look like, but after the execution.

The hostages lined up wearing a light blue hooded sweater, which can be seen to be the same group, and, according to the NYT, later, easier to find in photos. Corpses, the next day.

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In these drone shots, you can see a collection of these corpses on the side of Building No. 144 on Yablunska Street, in the same spot where the other shots from the previous day were to be taken. In the drone footage, on March 5, the same citizen wearing a light blue shirt, under the protection of two Russian soldiers, can be found among a group of corpses at the time of the drone shooting. .

Russia has denied allegations that it carried out mass executions of civilians in Pucha, calling all Western films “false” and “provocative.”

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