Oleksiy Vadatursky, the anti-Putin grain magnate Russia wanted as a spy-watcher

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The business world is often cold and impersonal, but Oleksiy Vadatursky’s lifetime of respect and notoriety meant that almost all Ukrainian businessmen – including his competitors – regarded him. “Grandmother”. He was one of the richest people in Ukraine, with an estimated 400 million euros, thereby amassing in essence. Grain export business.

Born in 1947 in a village near Odessa, Oleksiy Vadatursky began his career as an engineer while managing a chain of state-owned bakeries in a country scarred by the Holodomor, the Great Ukrainian Famine ordered by Stalin. It was then that he realized the weaknesses of the Soviet agricultural systemIt did not encourage planting of wheat through collective farms.

After independence, Oleksiy Vadatursky Fondue and Nebulon, an agricultural company dedicated to the cultivation of wheat. Despite initial difficulties at a time when Ukraine – as a sovereign state – was reorganizing itself, it managed to succeed among businessmen, Account Al Jazeera has been one of the main contributors to Ukraine becoming one of the major wheat exporters.

One of Oleksiy Vadatursky’s greatest strengths is in the business world Controlled the river ports, which has been around since the Soviet era. Critics pointed out that the businessman did everything with it Monopoly of river management in Ukraine – and he was not shy about extending his influence into the political sphere. No wonder his son Andrei Vadatursky. was in Parliament Or, in recent months, trying to manipulate former Ukrainian prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko’s center-right party into her favor.

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However, unlike many presidents, Oleksiy Vadatursky was viewed favorably by most Ukrainians. “He worked. He didn’t exploit the Soviet industrial heritage. He built his empire in the countryside,” recalled Al Jazeera Ukrainian political analyst Vadim Karasev, referring to him as “the creator of the Ukrainian miracle of grain exports.”

Oleksiy Vadatursky’s popularity was also due to his being a patriot. It has funded the military since the start of the war in eastern Ukraine and Crimea And in 2018 it was blacklisted by Russia. After the invasion, The president decided to stay in UkraineAn attitude at odds with the majority of Ukrainian oligarchs who fled abroad.

Oleksiy Vadatursky stayed in Ukraine. But I knew my life was in danger. He lived in Mykolaiv, near the war front, and the Kremlin didn’t particularly like him. however, Accordingly With Corriere della Sera citing Ukrainian sources, The Russia has arrived A EquivalentAfter the invasion, this The president turns out to be a hidden collaborator of the Russian regime.

Russia wanted to use Oleksiy Vadatursky’s influence in the rural and commercial world so that it could quickly conquer southern Ukraine – cutting off Kiev’s access to river ports. In return, Moscow promised to protect the president’s assets as well Benefits in agriculture and naval industry in the country After conquering the region.

The Russian proposals were futile and Oleksiy Vadatursky would never have accepted them. The president died last Saturday after a precision strike by Russian forces, which may have been sent to his room, led to many rumors of his death. This is an act of revenge by the Kremlin. For example, on social media, Mykhailo Podoliak, adviser to the Ukrainian president, condemned the businessman’s house as a clear “target”.

The business and monopoly of the river ports is now in the hands of his son Andrei Vadatursky and his three grandchildren.

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