Moldova seeks support from Romania and Ukraine to defend against Russian missiles – Observer

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Moldovan authorities have asked Romania and Ukraine to monitor and protect their airspace, Assembly Speaker Igor Grosu said Thursday.

“Neutrality Does not protect against missilesBut it must be protected, so we are obliged to protect our airspace,” Groszow told Chisinau radio.

Zelensky says Ukraine is “transparent” and should be part of the investigation into the Polish missile crash

“We benefited from the EU programme The value is 40 million eurosIncluding this one [defesa do espaço aéreo]🇧🇷 We are also talking with our Ukrainian and Romanian partners, because they have better systems”, Igor Grosu said in a television broadcast of the Journal channel.

Qualifying the moment as “complicated,” Grosu noted two recent incidents in which Russian missiles entered Moldovan airspace, one of which fell in the north of the country in Nslavsia, next to the border with Ukraine.

The Republic of Moldova has been the target of unprecedented cyber attacks since last fall.

“We’ve never had such a wave of attacks, targeting not just officials’ correspondence, but entire computer systems. Our reviews show that they are from the Russian Federation“, said the President of the Moldovan Assembly.

Croce announced that the Intelligence and Security Service Bill would enter Parliament and provide more tools in the fight against espionage.

Republic of Moldova”Full of spies from the Russian Federation“, Croce said there would be new legal amendments that would toughen penalties for sedition crimes and other related crimes.

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