Milhazes: Ukrainian forces “try to resist as much as possible in the Severdonetsk” to buy time

Ukrainian troops are not yet fully encircled in Chevroletonetsk, which means they still have a chance to retreat, which will allow civilians to evacuate, says Jose Millhaus.

The Ukrainians will “try to resist as much as possible in the Chevrolet Donetsk” because Ukraine is trying to buy time to “get the weapons sent by the West”.

“If the Ukrainian troops are well-armed, they can stop the Russian offensive.”

The SIC commentator considers that “Ukraine is always in danger of retreating” unless the arms situation is resolved.

Milhazes criticizes meetings and conferences that “discuss so many hasty initiatives” and “problems remain unresolved.”

NATO defense ministers are meeting in Brussels this Wednesday, and there will be an issue of arms distribution at the table.

Zhelensky again called on the West to provide “more weapons” for the Ukrainian army, as Moscow troops controlled much of Severodonetsk and crushed Ukrainian artillery.

The Ukrainian president has said that the human cost of the war in Severdonetsk, a strategic city in the east of the country, is “terrifying” and will be remembered most violently in Europe.

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