Legislature in France: Mன்சlenchon and Macron were tied in the 1st round

“Knoops”, a coalition of leftists and ecologists led by radical leftist leader Jean-Luc Mன்சlenchon, and “Jundos!”, Which unites right-wing centralists, including moderate socialists and supporters. President Emmanuel Macron’s practice has been linked to the first round of first round of assembly elections in France today.

The first predictions of the results, NUPES topped the list with 26.2 percent, followed by Juntos! (25.8%) and the far right (19.1%) by the Marine Le Pen National Assembly.

President Emmanuel Macron’s goal is to achieve an absolute majority to move forward with the reform plan planned for his second term in the second round, but he is unsure of what will seriously complicate Mélenchon’s coalition plan.

The truth is, however, that despite the favorable dynamics for the Left, nothing has yet been decided in this first round, and the Left has received fewer votes in the second round than the coalition supporting Emmanuel Macron.

In fact, after today’s first round, there will be intense maneuvers and behind-the-scenes negotiations for the second round next Sunday. This is a French “tradition” where an unnamed majority electoral system is practiced in two rounds, which is considered obsolete by many observers.

The result is that next Sunday, in the second round, the number of parliamentary seats won by each party or coalition will not be commensurate with the number of votes cast in the first round. The forces of the various party organizations in the French political scene.

Probably for this reason – six weeks after the presidential election in France – due to a lack of proportional representation, there was a historically low turnout in the current election, with an estimated 53 percent abstaining, according to various estimates. Companies poll.

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According to the predictions for the second round, Jundos! An absolute majority can be reached in Parliament next Sunday, June 19th.

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