Kremlin dissatisfaction prompts leaders to demand more brutality in Ukraine, presidential heirs already sought, says independent

Three months after the outbreak of war in Ukraine, there was renewed anger among Moscow’s elite. No matter what it is A “jellyfish”, Citing sources familiar with the movements in the Kremlin, expelled an independent Russian media outlet from the Russian Federation. The sources said that in early March, Vladimir Putin’s decision to launch a war “terrified” most senior Kremlin officials, including ministerial officials, who feared that Western sanctions would destroy their lives. Shortly afterwards, however, the “wave of patriotic sentiment” subsided. In April, several key figures in Russian politics publicly stated that their aim was to fight for a “bitter end.”

However, three months later, disbelief once again shook the Kremlin’s base. A source close to the Prime Minister’s Office, Michael Michustin, asserted that “Medusa” can no longer “live as before” and that “growth” is currently stalled trade with China and India. Insured.

While Kremlin officials maintain a high recognition in Russia, the Russian president no longer recognizes the possibility of ending the military offensive. Since the first weeks of the invasion, some government officials have been discussing strategies to “retreat with dignity,” but officials have not yet reached a conclusion.

Victory Day in Moscow

Alexander Nemenov

Widespread dissatisfaction

A source close to the Kremlin described the situation in Russia as deeply dissatisfied with Putin’s decisions: “No one is happy with Putin. The business community and many cabinet members are not happy with the president’s start of this war.

Two other sources with knowledge of Putin’s government actions confirmed the analysis, as did two other people associated with the prime minister’s office.

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Sources close to the Kremlin say that the view of “hawk” lawyers (the most popular policy among Russia’s elites) is that there is no way to “soften it now” because Russia is already involved in this war. On the contrary, by capturing even the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, it is necessary to “go down” with the attitude of “mobilizing large military reserves and playing to win”.

However, the Kremlin has not yet announced the total mobilization. In early April, sources familiar with the domestic politics of the Putin government told Medusa that even Russians who claim to support “special military action” in Ukraine are reluctant to fight voluntarily.

Vladimir Putin shows a portrait of his father during Victory Day in Moscow

Vladimir Putin shows a portrait of his father during Victory Day in Moscow


Concern of Entrepreneurs

Russia’s top businessmen are also dissatisfied with the Russian president’s actions and criticize him for not taking real steps towards peace. Economic problems are increasing day by day. “Issues are already popular and appear everywhere in the middle of summer: in transportation, pharmacies and even in agriculture. No one thinks about size. [das sanções]A source close to the government told Medusa that no one within the Kremlin was counting on the consequences of European countries’ complete boycott of Russian oil and gas.

However, two sources close to the Kremlin said that Vladimir Putin “did not want to think about the economic problems” obvious to most officials in the country and was “reluctant to blame these problems for the war in Ukraine.” “Medusa”. “.

Putin has already made this point in public. The Russian leader told the head of the Kaliningrad regional administration that the war should not be blamed on the region’s supply problems: “In this case, it is not necessary to link it with our special military operation. It has nothing to do with this. “

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Discuss the heir

Sources close to the Kremlin and the federal government, who asked Medusa, say that talking about the “future after Putin” is increasingly common among the Russian elite. “It is not because they want to overthrow Putin now or because they are plotting a coup, but because there is an understanding or desire that he will not rule the state in the future,” one source explains. “The president has confused it, but he can fix it by coming to some more agreement [com a Ucrânia e o Ocidente]”Some Kremlin officials agree that Putin’s potential successors are being discussed,” said another source, Sergei Kryenko.

Sergei Kryenko has held regular talks with Putin about the economy and the Donbass. Despite naming the former Russian prime minister as one of Putin’s presumptive heirs, sources listening to “Medusa” reveal that the Russian elite recognizes that Putin can only be removed from office by a major health problem. Evidence linked to the Moscow government further illustrates the position of those around the Russian leader: “People are disgusted, but they are still retaining their jobs, and they are helping to bury the country further in the war.”

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