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Ukraine appears to be launching a long-awaited counter-offensive to retake the occupied territories, as Russian forces attempt to “mass-deploy” troops in the Kherson, Melitopol and Zaporizhia regions. In the face of the initiative, the public is advised to leave, but signs of resistance can still be seen.

Since the beginning of the invasion, many posters against the Russian occupation have appeared in the city of Kherson. A recent one written in Russian reads: “Invaders, leave now or these Himars will help you”. In another: “These Himars are ready for a new attack”.

The pictures were released that day Twitter for that The world of UkraineA multimedia project run by Internews Ukraine covers the Russian invasion.

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A reference to HIMARS, the longest-range missile the US has sent to Ukraine. Weapons have been a major target in recent times and already A Song. Even a senior US defense official said Guardian These systems will “level the playing field” in Ukraine by bringing the ability to strike at greater distances and with greater security.

Himars missiles that destroy 30 Russian targets already have tribute music. Ukraine asks for more. Russia responded with kamikaze drones

Recently, Ukrainian forces have begun to make some advances in the region. On Wednesday they reached the Antonievsky Bridge, which crosses the Dnipro River and is of strategic importance to Russia as it is one of the main supply routes. With the news, the public is beginning to show optimism about the end of Russian control.

“The Russians marched like it was their homeland, but I bet it wouldn’t be for long. Ukraine is coming back“, I said telegram Alexander Smurikov, 22, left the city with his family.

Lisa, 26, describes the occupation of the city as “no one happy,” but despite everything they continue to resist.

“I am really glad that the Ukrainian soldiers are close. The possibility of casualties and damage is very scary. But I want to see our wonderful soldiers in our city as soon as possible,” he said.

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