“I was shot by Putin”: Formula 1 president Bernie Ecclestone creates controversy by supporting Russian president – war in Ukraine

Bernie Ecclestone, the English billionaire president and CEO of Formula One management and Formula One management, the president and former Formula 1 driver, defends Vladimir Putin’s occupation of Ukraine, justifying the actions of the Russian president and creating great controversy. .

“I will still be shot by Putin,” Ecclestone Good Morning said in an interview in the UK, where the millionaire spoke from a luxury property in Ibiza. A partner of Alpha Prema, one of the companies that manages Formula 1 internationally, says thousands of civilians were killed at the hands of the Russian military and that the bombing was “not intentional” and that Putin was “doing something”. He believes it is right for Russia. “

“Unfortunately, like many traders, of course like me, we all make mistakes from time to time, and when we make a mistake, we do everything we can to get out of it,” he explained.

President Putin described Putin as “first-class” and “intelligent” and did not shy away from criticizing Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky, saying the war could have been avoided.

“If it had been treated with dignity … that is, someone else in Ukraine … it would seem that his career as a comedian I know would have continued because he [Zelensky] If I had thought of things, I would certainly have asked Mr. Putin is a fair person and will listen to what he has to say and act accordingly, “said Ecclestone.

In an interview, the chancellor said he had not yet talked to his friend Putin about the war. “He wants all of this to start, but it’s not going to start as a war,” he said.

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Also, Ecclestone, who allegedly insulted Lewis Hamilton by Nelson Big racist, said Hamilton should “ignore” the rival’s opinion.

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