“I was already on the right track before the invasion” – Observer

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A week before the European Commission gave its first opinion on Ukraine’s candidacy for the EU membership, Ursula von der Leyen landed in Kiev, and appeared to have given clear indications that the opinion would be favorable. The President of the European Commission, along with the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zhelensky, praised the country’s commitment to this process, but also praised the resilience of its institutions and pledged to be on Ukraine’s side in the “reforms” that the country needs to make.

On the podium next to Zhelensky, after a work meeting, Van der Leyen showed a confident and appreciative tone to talk about the Ukrainians who “bravely” defend their country – and, moreover, to “share tears” for the victims. The future.

“I see life returning to Kiev. They are rebuilding bridges, clearing the rubble, there are those returning from the outside, which is a good sign,” he explained, focusing on the “reconstruction platform” he now works with the Ukrainian government.

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“What we want to do together is to create a common direction, to develop a clear plan on how to organize this reconstruction, to help Ukraine rise from the ashes with full transparency and accountability. To support Ukraine on its European path, it is very important to have a mix of reforms and investments,” he explained. And he even considered the country “on the right track before the terrible invasion.” It is a firm presidential parliamentary democracy with strong institutions.

“Achieving reformed decentralization is now fruitful, the administration is functioning at all levels after the war and is capable of operating in incredibly difficult situations. The country is incredibly digitalized. We already have an association and a free trade agreement,” he recalled. However, much more needs to be done to strengthen Ukraine as a rule of law and ensure that the conditions are right for it to join the EU.

“The focus is on overcoming this terrible war. But we want to see more. More reforms are needed to combat corruption and the rule of law, ”he warned.

Conversation with Zelensky, Van der Leyen, who was guaranteed, helped to accurately complete the assessment prepared by the European Commission and it worked “tirelessly”, he assured. This first comment may be positive, but it points to the need for some reforms to strengthen the fight against corruption – after which, on June 23 and 24, the summit convened by European leaders may become more complex. As there is no consensus yet, it is necessary to comment on this matter.

Ukraine is making diplomatic efforts to persuade those skeptical to join the EU. And is surprised by Portugal’s opposition

Portugal is, in fact, one of the least cautious countries in evaluating the process – The situation that “surprised” Ukraine.

Van der Leyen, who was already optimistic about the process, praised Ukraine’s commitment: “The path is known and based on merit.” I greatly appreciate Ukraine’s tremendous effort in this process. People have incredible strength and inspiration.

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