“God save the queen”. Queen Elizabeth II appeared in public at the end of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations

The Queen did not attend the previous two days of her Platinum Jubilee celebrations

Queen Elizabeth II appeared on the balcony of Buckingham Palace this Sunday, the fourth and final day of her Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

The 96-year-old king did not come to the two days leading up to his 70-year reign celebrations because he was unwell on Thursday. In addition to the concert, which was attended by 10,000 people, including several members of the royal family, it also missed the famous Epsom horse race.

The Queen leaned on her cane and appeared with the children of Prince Charles, Duchess of Cornwall and the Lords of Cambridge and the latter couple. Notably the absence of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Harry and Megan, they even traveled to England for the date, but were always away from the celebrations.

To mark the general appearance of Elizabeth II, the British anthem “Got Save the Queen” was sung by thousands gathered at The Mall for the celebrations.

A gray afternoon, but without the rain and wind predicted by the weather forecast, thousands of people flocked to central London to see the last day of the 70th anniversary celebrations of Elizabeth II’s 70th reign.

A festive procession with soldiers, music and dance in memory of the British monarch who has long served on the throne in the history of the United Kingdom concluded the four-day celebrations.

Thousands of people, including soldiers, artists, government employees and volunteers, marched three kilometers between Westminster and Buckingham Palace, crossing streets decorated with British flags.

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The century-old golden chariot carrying the king to the coronation and later ceremonies in 1953 led the procession through the queen’s hologram movement from the window.

The three-hour corso is divided into four acts with references to seven decades of culture, music and fashion and the history and personality of the Queen.

People from all over the world

At Trafalgar Square, one of the first crossing points, people climbed walls, bus stop benches and even statues of large bronze lions to see the procession.

Less adventurous, Gwen and Janice discussed with their husbands where to go to “see the action”.

“We came from Wales for the Jubilee and we want to see the procession. We could not see the concert yesterday because we needed tickets, ”Gwen, who wore a hat with a British flag, told Agência Lusa.

David and Kelly, who arrived from the United States, were surprised to find that the business trip coincided with the Platinum Jubilee and decided to attend the festivities that many of their friends envied.

“I’m very happy for the Queen and I think she deserves this whole party. We really enjoy it,” David said.

Matt and Allison traveled with their two children from Rutland, about 100 miles north of the capital, to a quick walk to Green Park, where they hoped to reach the palace access road in the evening.

“I want to see the Queen, which’s why I came,” Alison revealed, to which Matt added, “If we do not, at least it’s a good ride.”

Prince Charles and wife Camila, Prince William and wife Catherine and their three children were among the dignitaries watching from the stand.

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The event concluded with a performance by British musician Ed Sheeran, who was joined on the stage by dozens of artists, athletes and other celebrities who took part in the procession to sing the national anthem “God Save the Queen”.

This weekend, the moment deserving of the 96-year-old King’s second public appearance on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, was uncertain until the last, considering he had canceled his presence at several events this weekend for health reasons.

Meanwhile, thousands of street parties are planned for the “Big Jubilee Lunch” that will bring together millions of people across the country.

The long weekend with two holidays gave a boost to the economy by spending millions of pounds on celebrations, food and drinks, decorations, travel and souvenirs.

The Center for Retail Research, a company that studies consumption in the retail sector, estimates that around 8 408 million (5 475 million) will be moved during the Platinum Jubilee.

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